Daisy Cantalamessa


Ashtanga Basic


Wann und wo war deine erste Yogaklasse?

I took my first yoga class 10 years ago. I was studying in Manchester at the time and enrolled on a ten-week Ashtanga course. I can’t even remember why; none of my friends or family had ever talked about yoga before. But for some reason I was attracted to it, and so signed up and immediately fell in love.


Yoga ist für dich…

...A way to temporarily disconnect from everything going on around me and to reconnect with myself, my body, my breath, to quieten my mind and to feel grounded.


Deine Lieblings-Asana ist...

I wouldn’t say I have a favourite asana, though I definitely enjoy deep backbends! They are super exhausting, but they make me feel so good.


Deine Hassana (Asana, mit der du gar nicht klar kommst):

There’s no asana I hate, but I certainly have poses that don’t come so easily to me (hip openers!). Rather than avoiding, I know these are the ones I should be practising most often.


Welche Musik hörst du beim Yoga?

Music during practice isn’t essential to me; it kind of depends what mood I’m in. Once I start focusing I tend to not hear it anymore anyway!


Was treibt dich jeden Tag auf die Yogamatte?

Different reasons: sometimes it’s because I feel a need to release negative energy or a need to refocus after a busy day, sometimes it’s because I’m feeling stiff and want to move and stretch, other times it’s because I have a particular asana I want to work on... Whatever the reason, and whatever my practice looks like, the feeling at the end of being in a better state of body and mind is enough to keep me returning to the mat :)