Jodie Roberts

Dynamic Flow/Vinyasa, Yin (English)


Wann und wo war deine erste Yogaklasse?

My very first "class" was copying asanas out of my mum's yoga book when I was a child. But I only started to practice regularly in class in Thailand, where I lived for 6 years from age 22. As someone who is naturally very inflexible, I'd always been shy of going to class and practiced at home instead. But the teacher and all the other students were so kind and encouraging, and I felt so amazing afterwards, I knew that going to classes was the best path for my yoga journey.


Yoga ist für dich...

Connection. To your breath, your body, your mind. Connecting yourself to the whole universe. It's the power of intention, the strengthening of not just body but the mind, so we can let go of fear, jealousy, regret and live with compassion, gratitude and love. Together, we flow into stillness.


Deine Lieblings-Asana ist...

Wild Thing. It's everything I love in one asana - strength, flexibility, openness, balance, and fun!


Deine Hassana (Asana, mit der du gar nicht klar kommst):

I have poses I'm not good" at, but none I hate. These are the poses I try to do more of  - you learn so much more when you  embrace the hard and don't just go the easy route. That's why it's a yoga practice, not a performance.

A mix of mantras and chilled modern music. I have a lot of Sol Rising, DJ Drez, and mixes in my playlists as well as Deva Premal, Krishna D etc. Like my classes, it's different every time.


Was treibt dich jeden Tag auf die Yogamatte?

It's some time just for me, to balance my energy levels. When I'm on my mat nothing else exists, and I am truly focused only on my breath, my body and how it feels. I gain a better understanding of how I'm doing in this moment, and accept how I am with no judgement. I always feel better after a practice - more content, more grateful, and with more love to give out. The knowledge of how I will feel after motivates me to get on the mat, even if it's just to be in Childs Pose for 10 mins. It all counts!